Jinzai’s brand-new overseas brand, "Jin’s," makes its global debut, conquering taste buds worldwide with delicious and healthy Chinese food

As globalization continues to deepen, Chinese brands are venturing into the world at an unprecedented speed. Jinzai, a leading enterprise in the Chinese fish snack industry, is also making strides into the international market with its powerful product lineup, shining brightly. In early June, Jinzai grandly introduced its overseas brand, “Jin’s Jinzai,” and made a stunning appearance at the Asia (Thailand) International Food Expo, showcasing its world-class, delicious, and healthy positioning for snacks to global consumers.

Jin’s Jinzai makes its grand debut in Bangkok, igniting a new food frenzy on the international stage!

To support global food enterprises in expanding into the vast markets of Southeast Asia and even the ASEAN region, the Asia (Thailand) International Food Expo took place from May 28th to June 1st in Bangkok. As one of the key exhibitors at the event, Jinzai made a glamorous appearance alongside its brand-new overseas brand, “Jin’s Jinzai”.  It marks another important step on the road of internationalization.

At the Asia (Thailand) International Food Expo, Jinzai showcased its exclusive exhibition area spanning 18 square meters. The area showcased a wide range of Jinzai’s classic best-selling products and the latest products with overseas packaging. Additionally, a dedicated tasting area was set up, allowing consumers to experience the unique charm of the Jinzai brand while savoring its authentic flavors from China.

Jinzai goes global with the launch of “Jin’s,” presenting 63 delectable dishes that conquer taste buds worldwide!

As the leading company in the Chinese fish snack industry, Jinzai has always upheld its commitment to quality and its mission of providing “delicious and healthy snack food to enhance people’s quality of life.” It brings more quality, healthy and delicious food choices to consumers around the world. Its flagship products, such as Jinzai Fried Fish,  Roasted Tofu, and Quail Eggs, have been exported to nearly 40 countries and regions, including Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, and are loved by consumers worldwide.

Guided by its globalization strategy, Jinzai has given its products a comprehensive upgrade with the launch of the new “Jin’s” brand. The “Jin’s” brand not only retains Jinzai’s consistent high-end quality but also incorporates international design elements based on insights into the international market and considerations for aesthetic differences worldwide. The new overseas packaging is more exquisite, minimalist, and upscale.

With the strong research and development capabilities and production capacity of Jinzai, the “Jin’s Jinzai” brand covers a wide range of flagship categories, including Fried Fish, Roasted Tofu, juicy Quail Eggs,, Flavored Konjac, and Soy Protein Snacks, totaling 63 overseas products. The variety and diverse flavors cater to the needs of consumers in different countries and regions.

The grand appearance of “Jin’s Jinzai” brand at the Asia (Thailand) International Food Expo not only showcases Jinzai’s outstanding product power but also serves as a sincere tribute to global consumers. We believe that starting from Bangkok, Jinzai will advance its globalization strategy with a fresh attitude and broader vision, embracing the challenges and opportunities of the international market.